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Drifting Road

With the rapid development of China's tourism industry, drifting has become one of the most popular hydrophilic projects (rafting single entertainment projects, excluding the Yellow River drifting and other expeditions). Drifting in the tourist market is mainly divided into two kinds, one is the large ecological drift of the natural river, and this drift we do not do the discussion and analysis. Now I mainly analyze second kinds of water slide groove drifting. No matter whether the process is cement pouring or FRP or glass, it is distinguished from the drifting form only. The water slide way is also mainly divided into two types in China's tourism market.

One is, based on the experience of large ecological drifting, the design is optimized and upgraded. According to the construction of the terrain drift groove, groove depth of about 20 cm, Tuochuan in the groove of the controllable water drifting down the river, speed, stimulation and ensure three hundred percent safety safety simultaneously. In the design, we can do the basic wet clothes in the drifting process. We call this type of drifting for the water slide.

Some investors say, is not wet clothes is not irritating? I'm going to do the drifting of wet clothes. How do you feel? Can you design it?

Without wet clothes, it does not mean irritation. The facts and cases show that the guests are all screaming all the way down. We can also design the drifting of wet clothes. But wet clothes have a lot of follow-up problems to take into consideration. First of all, we have to consider the positioning of the drifting mode of the water slide. It relies on scenic spots and has fixed tourist sources. In general, such rafting is short due to the influence of topography and water resources. Most of the drifting is between 650 meters -3000 meters and the rafting time is between 7-20 minutes. Unlike large ecological drifting, tourists are not going to drift through the water slide. In conclusion, most of the guests will not be ready to change clothes. The drifting guests will be affected by the drenched clothes, so they will lose part of their customers. Second, if the tourists are all wet through the drifting clothes, it is necessary to build the corresponding service facilities. The most basic is the dressing room and the bathroom. The last is the most important non wet clothes can be lengthened business cycle, may, eleven and other tourist gold weeks, can be operating normally.

Two, it is designed according to the principle of non dynamic natural slide of the dry slide road. This slipway is drifting and has strict requirements for the terrain. It should have a gradient of 7-9 degrees. It is too steep and too steep. The slippery marble is attached to the bottom of the chute, and a little water is lubricated by a little water, and the drifting boat slides down on the smooth marble. We call this form a slippery drift.

Some investors have doubts: we have too little water here, small amount of water, water skid drift is not a large amount of water? And is there no slippery drift in the water slide?

The first thing to explain is that the water slide rate is 450-500 cubic kilometers per hour, and the water is pumped to the starting point by the pump. The water is recycled, and it doesn't waste water in the process of rafting. The average electricity cost to everyone is also a few cents. If conditions permit the best to build a reservoir with enough water for an hour on the drift, the bigger the better. Secondly, from the point of view of the stimulus, the drifting of the water slide and the slippery drift are equally exciting. The difference is that the sliding and drift is completely controlled by the gradient, while the drift of the water slide is the combination of water and slope control speed. Sliding and bleaching are strictly limited to the slope. The slope can not be too small, small and do not walk, too big a danger, the ship will fly out. Water slide on the slope limit drift less than smooth drift, even the water slide trough level drift several meters, the ship can pass quickly, of course, the water slide is not required to drift slope, gap is bigger, we can put the water slide drifting do more stimulation, can according to your budget to drift the chute is longer, the increase in visitor experience, you can put up a sense of medical fare raise, increase income. At least 100 meters of -200 meter or even more safe distance between the ship and the ship will be left between the ship and the ship. The water slide is a safe distance of 2-5 meters. The amount of reception can be imagined. Through the above analysis and judgment, is not to say that this form of sliding drift drift is not good, but the advantage is much higher than the water slide drifting sliding float, eventually to build what kind of drifting?  Investment developers can choose according to their own needs!

With the rapid development of China's tourism industry, the competition of ecological landscape scenic spots is becoming increasingly fierce. Each scenic spot is looking at how to improve the brand of the scenic area, increase the feeling of tourists, and add some recreational facilities. In recent years, the drifting of water slide and the dry slide Road (Granite Slide and glass slide) have become the favorite of various scenic spots.

The advantage of drifting in water slide?

1. The new favorite of the scenic scenic spots is suitable for the people and the young and the old. The tourist experience and the reputation are excellent.

2. Compared with ecological drift, the water consumption is small and limited by natural factors.

3, ten years of investment development and operation, design and construction experience, to ensure three hundred percent safety.

4, the base width of 1.5 meters does not destroy the vegetation.

5, less investment, quick return, large amount of reception.

6, the operation mode is simple and easy to master.

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