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All terrain vehicles in English is All Terrain Vehicle (suitable for all terrain vehicles), abbreviation is ATV, commonly known as "beach car", also known as the "all terrain four wheel cross country locomotive", the vehicle is simple and practical, cross-country performance is good, the appearance is generally no awning. In a word, it is difficult to use a simple Chinese name to express its meaning. ATV has a wide tire, which can increase the contact area with the ground, produce greater friction and reduce the pressure on the surface of the vehicle, making it easy to run on the beach, riverbed, forest road, stream and bad desert terrain. It can be carried or transported.

The all terrain vehicle (ATV) was originated from threerounds and using low pressure pneumatic locomotive, when it started just for cross-country design of the car, then gradually become match racingpractical vechile family leisure transport etc.. With the popularity of markets in the United States, locomotives have changed from three wheels to the four round. With the four wheeled vehicle becoming the main form of all terrain vehicles, the four wheel drive ATV is also developed.

According to the size of the displacement and the external features of the vehicle, the United States usually divides the whole terrain vehicles into:

(1) children type (Youth), the displacement is less than or equal to 125 milliliters, mainly for children and children.

Secondly, the practical type (Utility) is just like Jeep (Taiwan area called "Jeep type"). Its biggest feature is the addition of front and rear shelves. It has many functions and is highly practical. It can carry goods, farming, hunting and so on.

(3) movement type (Sport), streamline shape very athletic atmosphere, suitable for high speed, leap, special effects, and other foreign all terrain car races are based on this type.

(4) military type: it is a vehicle that can travel on any terrain, and the biggest feature is that it can walk freely on a terrain that is difficult to maneuver. According to the way of walking classification, all terrain vehicles have two kinds of wheel type and crawler type. The military potential of the all terrain vehicle has been recognized by more and more army, and its development is in the ascendant. It is not only large family, but also various models and novel modeling. Today, all terrain vehicles have a smaller trend to serve special forces. The United States has invested in the "athlete" 700MV all terrain vehicle in several local wars, which has been highly praised by the US officers and soldiers.

In addition, according to the engine displacement, the U.S. Special Vehicle Association (SVIA) will be an all terrain vehicle is divided into: adult type, displacement of more than 90 mL, for 16 years (including 16 years) above the adults; the juvenile, the displacement in 70~90 ml range, suitable for 12~15 year olds and children; type, displacement of less than 70 ml, suitable for 6~11 year old children.

China's current industry standard divides the all terrain vehicle into three categories: the four wheel all terrain vehicle (ATV), the multi-functional terrain vehicle (UV), and the recreational vehicle (Go-kart).

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