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The first production plant: middle Yunmeng Road, Mengyin County, Shandong
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Jinan Wartin Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.whose headquarters is located in the beautiful spring city, Jinan, is a companyintegrating product R&D, design, production and sales and specialized inproduction of various kinds of inflata ble boats, FRP boats and aluminum boats.With advanced technologies and abundant technical personnel as well asproduction experience, it is capable of independently designing and developingthe first-class quality and fashionable products. By virtue of tranquil andbeautiful design and perfect fabrication, ideal combination of hydromechanics,aerodynamics and ergonomics, and high-precision cutting equipment, the companyproduces streamlined and elegant boats. As the company uses 1000 strands wovenhigh-strength polyester fiber double coating PVC materials imported from southKorea, adopts strict production technology and implements rigid scientificmanagement, each performance all products it made meets requirements ofinternational standards. And its products have been exported to Europe, NorthAmerica, Russia, Japan and Australia. Besides, the products of complete kinds,including PVC pheumatic boats, speedboats, inflatable boats with FRP bottom,sports & recreation boats, fishing boats, lifeboats, drifting boats, FRPboats and aluminum alloy boats, can be widely used in water sports, floodrelief, fishing,

Owing to super-strong tourist projectdesign and development ability, all kinds of ski resort, grass skiing area, ATVand other entertainment projects designed and developed independently by JinanWartin Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. are greatly entertaining and ornamentaland the company has complete independent intellectual property rights.Meanwhile,it can produce and install all-purpose goods transport ropeways. As a result,asthe large supplier of entertainment project design and development, it has beenproviding high quality products and services for the underground grand canyonin Shandong, Henan Guanshan and other domestic famous truism regions.

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Company fax:86 0539 7140368 Address: Hong Xing Lu Chinese Shandong Licheng District of Ji'nan City No. 1

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